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Dear Nagual,

Thank you for helping me.

In early 2007 I participated in Lujan’s Dragon’s Tears workshop. I had been doing Tensegrity for about 5 years on my own. I felt good about these exercises but not really energised by them. The Dragon’s Tears however make me hot and I can feel the energy, especially in my hands. It’s the first time I can really feel ‘energy’. It feels hot, I can feel a ball of energy in my hands when I’m doing the Tears and when I put my hot hands on my stomach I feel the energy transfer. A week or so after the learning the movements in the workshop I started to feel as If I had been ‘ironed inside.’ Something hot was making me smooth.

There were a million things I wanted to ask Lujan after that first workshop so I asked if I could come back to Bali and see him. A few weeks later I did so.

I wanted to learn more. Were there more techniques or exercises that make you powerful?
I mean you get power by doing stuff like exercises and not doings and shamanic business? don’t you?
When I first arrived Lujan showed me more steps to the Thunder Dance, the first part of which we learned in the first Dragon’s Tears workshop. I was delighted.

Later on, one afternoon after a day where I was feeling like …like you know how you feel when you think that you really don’t know what you are doing and your life is really a mess?… Lujan showed up unexpectedly at my room.

It was pouring with tropical rain. As he said later he ‘jumped me’. He said ‘let’s cut the crap and get to what’s really going on here.’ (Or words to that effect.)
It was hopeless trying to hide anything from him it was like he could ‘see’ through me, I tried desperately to parry his questions and precise and accurate observations about me and my behaviour. I was even copying his body language in an attempt to curry favour in a difficult spot. He told me to cut that out straight away. He said I was waisting my time trying to play control games with him and indeed with anyone. He told me I was waisting all the power I had upholding my behaviours and the task is to let all that stuff go. Other personal stuff I had to admit to him is just too embarrassing to talk about, or certainly write about here. He had it out of me in about 2 minutes flat.
He showed me that the task is a very personal journey with the heart. Forget about power techniques, change the way you behave. Forget about yourself and think of other people. He told me watch my body language because my intent, my energy was directed through that body language. At that moment I realized something I had wondered about for years …what the hell is intent!? I made the connection, my body language was my secret intent whilst I pretended to myself that I had another ‘noble’ intent or worse that I didn’t know what intent was. Now when I think about my body language I fell like I know one small but important thing about my intent and how I am directing it. If you are looking for techniques just this awareness alone is real work. To be aware all the time, in the moment what you are intending, what are you doing with your body. I am embarrassed to think how transparent I must have looked to Lujan.
At one stage I said to him I was too lazy to change and he said well that’s just a lie look how industrious you are, look at all the work you do and the work you do to be who you are now.

The Nagual’s blow is a shocking thing. In all of ten? minutes
I had been clinically and ruthlessly exposed. He left saying there is nothing to do, just let all that stuff go.
After he left I wanted to run away to get the hell out in case he came back and had another go at me.
Then I immediately recalled just how many times I had done that in my life. Lujan said to me that young men can be filled with emotional turmoil but someone older like me couldn’t use that excuse anymore…..I had to face it. He was right I came to see him because this was my last chance to change.
I had to face the real me.
Before too long Lujan was back (figuratively) patting me and saying don’t worry…….have something to eat…..The last thing I felt like at that stage was eating……..
I had planned to go and see Lujan many times to learn stuff and now I know I have so much to do that it would be pointless until I have done a lot of work on myself …and this I have just begun.
It’s funny because Lujan is a lovely kind person. I thought naguals would have to be a wild, dangerous, ruthless individuals, you know like the Don Juan of the books. Lujan is so kind and loving that initially it doesn’t seem possible that he is the Jaguar Nagual. Believe me I’ve seen those claws, he is.
I have one final thing to say and that is if you think you need analysing or need to see a psychiatrist and can’t afford the 5-10 years or the thousands and thousands of dollars they cost just get in touch with Lujan. He will have you sorted in about 10 minutes.

Geoff Toll, Melbourne, Australia

Without any restraint whatsoever, I tell you that involvement on Parallel Perception and with Lujan Matus will create opportunity for potent change in your life!

The ability of Lujan Matus to traverse perception is outlined in his book, The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, which becomes the backdrop for the subject matter discussed on the forum. Once I discovered Parallel Perception it became imperative for me to act on the forum. I began to post, to query, to pose beliefs and feelings, and to discover Lujan Matus’ bottom line. That bottom line is mediated by how well you know your heart. As a perceiving being do you know who you are, what you’re capable of, where you’re going, and how to get there? All of the interrogative adjectives that will assist in discovering who you are play a vital role in how you perceive. I’ve come to find that Lujan knows himself well, well enough to turn that perceptive eye onto others in order to assist in discovering who they are within the parameters of the heart.

Perception has been a favorite topic of mine for a long time. To be able to change our perception within a common understanding of human awareness is an act practiced every day by every single person who carries breath within them. In fact, the act of perceiving is our heritage as human beings. But to change our perception beyond what we know and to move into the unknown is an act of volition as tightly wrapped in mystery as the gamete that multiplies within the womb to form human life. For those of us who choose to purposely use our abilities as perceivers we need to determine the change required for that perceptive ability to evolve beyond the norm. We need to enter the mystery of perception.

How can we choose to be what we already are in order to evolve into what we might be?

Once we determine the answer to that question the change will result in transformation. Change will then become synonymous with perception for to perceive is to be aware of an object even if that object be yourself within the parameters of your heart. To altar who you are in the act of placing awareness on that object requires that by force, you and the object must change. There is no other way; change requires action, action is bound by friction, and friction (or force) results in movement beyond the immediacy of the moment at hand.

I will not kid you. This is not easy work—to move outside of the bounds of the familiar. Lujan will challenge and confront if the perceptive ability observed is fixed or limited. By nature change is only accomplished with an act of force yet that force, however applied, is the only gateway to exploring perception. The term “force” is used here not as a term of coercion but as a term of active power. The only way to increase our perceptual abilities is to track the limiting perceptions that hold us like ballast to a balloon and set them free. Unless we let go of what binds us we will remain as we are. Unless we move beyond who we are know ourselves to be perception will remain stagnant and powerless.

It gets even better though. Lujan offers Private Tutoring if you find that you want additional and personalized feedback. I took him up on the offer and began to converse with him on Skype. Conversation with Lujan brings to life all that is outlined in the book and on the forum. To face yourself via conversation with Lujan will empower you to explore who you are in areas you may have kept from your awareness. Creative and powerful in exchange, Lujan travels through the human voice to the core—to the heart of the matter. He will befriend but he will also examine ruthlessly. He maintains that I knew the matter he challenged me with. I maintain that he was the needed catalyst for me to know. Our mutual exchange allowed me to enrich my capacity to respond from my heart in ways that continue to unfold.

How we use our perception is really all that we have in this mysterious universe. The manner in which we use this inheritance is the only thing that will propel us beyond our death and into the mystery and wonder of that which awaits us. Avail yourself of all that Parallel Perception and Lujan Matus have to offer in order to claim the wonder of who you are as a perceiving being. The catapult for change toward parallel perception is here, right here.


Hey Lujan

I have been training, trying to do six days a week, but have usually been managing 5. The practice really does smack you around if you are being dishonest with yourself doesn’t it?? I have found that I am constantly making phony plans and goals, making up shit to fret about all the time. It’s quite funny really, but I really suffer if I buy into it.

It is definitely funny though. I am realising that you cannot practice AND lie to yourself- it hurts way too much, it is either one or the other.

The Tapping practice you have taught me – It is so good.
I am also finding that i have been overly heavy and morose and serious about my training, it makes things so much easier to be lighthearted about it- this is a big revelation for me, I have always thought being serious and morose were good things.
Not So!


Testimonials (as of March, 2009, after about 2 years since I started reading Lujan’s book and participating in his forum)

This is a song from my life:

Magic blossom (The crickets)

A white moon-lit evening
unreal earthly world
I’m alone, and beside me –
my memory – a strange shadow.

I start off with you –
a strange shadow of the night
will you find
a magic blossom?

A long journey
next to locked waters
moss and stardust
rain over us –
an old, forgotten world.

My double,
a shadow from a faraway world,
will you find
a magic blossom?

Only it
brings the time back –
in the source deep
eternal youth sleeps.

A white moon-lit evening
unreal earthly world
I walk after you,
a strange shadow!
Towards a white magic source,
like in an old, forgotten myth
in the color of youth –
our youth.

Towards a white magic source,
like in an old, forgotten myth
give us the youth –
our youth.

What impresses me the most in this song are the words “locked waters”. And the magic blossom unlocks those waters. Lujan, his book, and the forum with all the members participating in it are my magic blossom. I cannot separate the book from the forum – they are complementary for me. I am so grateful for these gifts that kindled the power of my heart; that are gift of power and heart to all of us.

Ilian Somlev


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