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Never in my life did I imagine I would cross the World to participate in a healing workshop…so I believe that indeed, the Universe has unusual ways to provide us with answers…

I don’t have enough words to describe my experience with the Shamanic Healing of Nagual Lujan in Bali, since each day was different and rich with new experiences. The first time I met Lujan I saw a charismatic and welcoming guy. Then, as we talked I noticed he was kind, understanding, tolerant and amusing…but most of all, sensitive.

After my first impression, I had the opportunity to confront an old issue buried in my memory, that I kept to myself because I thought was to raise my personal consciousness. A healing journey has unpredictable results. Mostly, your own knowledge, detonating a guideline that allows you to reorganize you evolution, understand you path, and finally to become whole as a new being. I want to mention here that since the Nagual Lujan cleared my journey “seeing”, my understanding began….

As my week unfolded, my mind began releasing hidden emotions (with a special program he uses), my body relaxed with Lujan’s massages and at the end I reached a balance….

As we had been working, Lujan noticed an unbalance in my third eye…so he told me that the energy in my eyes was too strong, pointing out that my gaze could hurts certain people, so he calmed it down. As soon as he mentioned this, I remembered that in the past some people had gotten scared by my gaze. Even some of them saw my eyes changed to silvery color, and I always believe it was an exaggeration!

My experience in the gazing technique was an invaluable learning experience. For example, gazing at flowers’ energy was a fluid experience, finding it easy to locate the blue glow. Gazing at stars, let me just give you a hint, you cannot avoid feeling connected with the universe’s creation….and of course you will witness something spectacular!

But, gazing at stones was a different story. I felt the energy of the stones stronger, the light and darkness demanding, grasping my attention in unison…and Lujan’s voice in the background guiding me, and then it happened!

I saw how the stones became bigger and smaller as my eyes moved…I felt energy oppressing my forehead and the top of my head…then, suddenly Lujan stopped the exercise and said to me, you just had a glance into eternity…..

After my gazing exercise I had the privilege to observe dragon tears from Lujan…and I saw and felt something that is hard to explain with words because it was unreal, well….I guess that most people who practice with Dragon tears know and have felt this before, but to me, it was knew and I want to share it because I find it powerful.
So, for those who have seen the obvious, I apologize for my silliness and astonishment.

When Lujan was doing dragon tears I remember he was making a specific movement when simultaneously he shift into a shadow!…. after that as he changed posture his appearance changed into different animal shadows, or I believed so…..then I “saw” them.

I “saw and felt” power, strength, alertness, awareness, bravery, and so on…. when he was done, I couldn’t put together those unclear images and strong perceptions.

But after a recapitulation, I understood what each position is about…. it isn’t just to absorb energy from earth or life force, or whatever you’d like to call it, but it is also about acquiring animal traits! …………I know, I know, maybe for the Nagual Lujan’s followers all this is obvious….but not for me, and it was awesome to “see” it and “feel” it!!

The following night we gaze at plant’s energy and my experience was at first, just seeing, feeling, and smelling beauty, until the plants changed textures, light and shades…amazing.

Finally, I want to share with you an extraordinary peculiarity that I believe the Nagual Lujan possess. When I was with him I felt released and comfortable. I opened myself and I was able to trust him because his energy was strong, but kind of neutral.

This “neutrality” was kind of mysterious to me because I never felt somebody “neutral”. Until I realize that he has the perfect, and the strongest energy fusion, the androgynous, you know male female, light darkness…..maybe, it is his perpetual energy to coexist with people, I don’t know, I am only speculating….I think that a Nagual like Lujan is beyond energy gender or even an energy species.

I really recommend Lujan’s workshops, I assure you that you will meet a precious soul and an amazing healer!


I went to meet Lujan after having communicated with him online for a couple of years. I felt it would be beneficial to learn dragon’s tears and tapping and my wife wanted to do shamanic healing. Lujan called us a day later to stop by and visit, he was much different in person than I expected him to be. I knew he was powerful but I didn’t envision him being so light and humorous.

Everything was enjoyable with him because of his approach. I was able to see my path much clearer talking with and just being around him. I felt completely silent and empty for nearly the entire two weeks there.

The tears was immediately altering, I saw Lujan’s head as a ball of white light just from executing the first movements with him. My hands felt and then looked like thick watery gloves were over them with a numbing sensation in my fingers. I feel as if I have been in a deep meditation after each session. I have been doing both practices for a month now and feel the effects keeping me feeling centered and feeling very resilient physically.

The tapping was very challenging, I wasn’t aware that I could work out so intensely on a daily basis. Although it is very challenging it is very rewarding and enjoyable as well. I notice I prefer doing both practices in very dim lighting as my eyes become very sensitive.

At one point after doing tapping with Lujan, I experienced a formless state of becoming everything around me and losing my body, my surroundings appeared like shiny black liquid and I felt limitless. Afterwards I felt like something energetic had been cleared and was allowed to flow freely mostly in my chest.

Since this everything not only feels but looks different, especially light, it looks thicker now and more brilliant, like there is more substance to it. When I first finished and went outside everything looked like a glowing painting and still does after each execution. Lujan pointed out to me exactly what is delivered from the practice that day outside his house, every day I look and see the same depth and mystery now.

Forms appear to be very fluid visually, especially living beings I often see fluctuating light within now. I also feel everything with greater intensity, yet with more detachment.

Lujan saw me differently than anyone else and to a greater depth. His responses shattered everything I had doubted and avoided about myself. I was most altered by his encouragement, that I could extend myself and assist in positive change. I find myself unconcerned with things which used to bother me now in my daily life. Primarily pressures and influences from my environment, I feel very shielded and unavailable now, despite the fact that they are even more obvious.

What I received from Lujan was a great service and gift of his knowledge and friendship. Both practices are useful with consistently powerful and immediate results. States and insights which can take lifetimes to reach suddenly become available.

The fact that they further increase awareness and energy through daily execution illustrated to me the investment they are as opposed to simply being a cost. I have no doubts I have a made a wise investment in this endeavor. I recommend anyone who seeks to empower themselves to visit him.

All of our accommodations were very affordable and tasteful and the island was very lovely. The only thing I will try and do differently next time is to stay longer and learn more.
With love.

Two lizards
United States

I went to see Lujan after reading about his shamanic healing program. I really did not know what to expect as I had only read some of his writing and the testimonials. My husband and I went to Bali together to learn and heal.

After my first session, I had a profound sense of well being and could feel my energy moving inside me differently. Lujan could sense which organs in my body were weakened, and by the end of the shamanic healing, my body and heartbeat were becoming stronger, I could actually feel these physical changes. I have been able to breathe deeper and easier than ever before.

Lujan also showed me some simple stretches to alleviate pain in my abdominal area, and to also help strengthen the spleen. The body work and Lujan’s counsel has definitely helped me feel more balanced and calmed my mind.
The first week I also did gazing, this was an amazing experience. I had no idea what gazing was, so I was very open to what was about to happen. Learning about the quadrants of the eyes was very interesting. I saw the blue glow from the yellow flowers and vase almost immediately. Then, one of the plants Lujan had in the room behind the table, glowed a brilliant blue, on just the frond that I could see peeking out from behind. I wasn’t even sure if that was supposed to be happening. Wow!

By the second evening I had an altered feeling following the gazing. I also saw a blue vortex spinning towards me. My body felt weightless for this very short time before I had to stop looking into it and tell Lujan what I was seeing. He said it was a message. I was very excited to have experienced this, and Lujan’s enthusiastic support confirmed my feelings and thoughts of there being more to the universe than what is seen.

Outside he asked me to pick an object that stood out to me, I chose wind chimes and watched as he moved them from across the yard, without touching them. They bent upwards, not as if wind was blowing them, but as if an invisible string was pulling them. However, one of the most thrilling experiences was when Lujan and I sat on the porch, he asked me to look into his eyes. (This was a little hard to do, because I could feel his power, and it made me a little nervous just staring into his eyes)

I did this for about a minute, he said, “very interesting.” It was then he told me, he could see my lizard Toshio’s eyes, coming thru mine. I found this so cool, as I spend many hours, looking at and talking softly to him, almost as if he was there with me or protecting me. Lujan asked me to repeat this again, looking into his eyes.

Again I felt nervous for the short minute that I did this, however this time I saw Lujan totally different. I saw the Jaguar. Clearly. Like a transparency of this animal was placed over Lujan’s face. ( It’s giving me chills even now writing about it.) For some reason, I was embarrassed to come out and say what I saw. I told him I saw a large forest predator, like something I’ve seen in books. But really I knew what I had seen right away. I don’t know why I felt embarrassed to come straight out and tell him?

I can say honestly, that after spending 2 weeks meeting with Lujan, in a variety of situations, he is a true friend. I am hoping next time we meet, I won’t feel afraid or embarrassed to say or ask him anything that is on my mind. He is not here to judge, but to listen. I have a very, very hard time putting my thoughts, and emotions into words, and it was nice that Lujan could understand what I was trying to say. If only I could have remembered the many questions I had, that I seemed to forget when I saw him.( Good advice, write them down.)


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