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Meeting the Lujan Matus

Meeting Lujan for the first time felt like seeing somebody with whom I had a deep connection that transcended time and space, again. I had an overwhelming feeling that everything was falling into place, that all previous events in my life led to this encounter. As I was looking at Lujan’s left eye, I could see the old nagual’s face superimposed on his (an old man from Asia with large black pupils and a white beard) and I felt being transported somewhere else, beyond time and space where an ancient being was talking directly to me as words gradually dissolved, leaving only the flow of pure understanding between two hearts. It has been more real than anything I have experienced.

Lujan told me exactly what I needed to know, being very generous with his wisdom and handling the avalanche of questions I had, with great skill and compassion. For the guidance I received, I am grateful beyond words.

The movements (Dragon’s tears, Lotus and the Serpent Series) are exquisite, gracious yet very powerful. I’ve been practicing daily since our meeting and the effect is simply amazing. Every sequence is enjoyable and while immersed in the practice, everything around disappears for a moment: it feels like a gesture of connecting one with the true self within, as well as with the universe at large, with the essence of life. Or perhaps it rekindles that essence in the practitioner.

There was so much understanding that came through silence, that I cannot possibly quantify. I was able to see everything I had accepted during my previous associations that was unnecessary. All this negativity that we are afraid to expose, burdens, compromises, they all fade away like dust when we give back the voice to the heart.

There is something resurfacing again. Something mysterious. That which can be only when everything else deemed unnecessary, is dropped. At this moment, I perceive it like the ultimate leap of faith: to trust only your awareness, only your heart. The one who does this, renounces everything else willingly. The power of a true heart is almost inconceivable and that part within us that fears it’s development, is the shadow mind. Lujan, thank you from all my heart for this wonderful gift. Looking forward to our next encounter.

Empty Warrior


Journey to see Nagual Lujan

I wandered up the hill from town , I had not met Lujan yet and was anxiously awaiting the visit the next day to start the dragons tears program and meet this man.

A motor cycle passed by me as I walked then another, and in a split second I heard a “hey” as it zipped past a man looked staring into me with shiny eyes, a fragment of time so small in passing on that blind bend , this man had time to recognise I was his coming student and the perceptual speed to engage and speak within that passing moment which literally was a split second . This was my first view of that perceptual speed to come.

The dragons tears was intensive yes , but I enjoyed myself and engaging in the practice was physically challenging , finding myself absorbed in Lujan’s presence and the liquid state of being with him and interacting in that dream like state that the tears produced in me.

Although at first having a noisy mind I became so silent at times he would speak and I would find myself so deep in the recesses of silence that I was unable to utter a word in response.
At times having slipped into silence I would find myself unable to recall where and what I had learnt during the movements.

In a dream one night whilst there, I was practicing the tears with Lujan and he was telling me that I could remember the movements having little memory recall and that my energy or my body could remember despite this.

In another night of visiting him , I had awoken around 2 am in the darkness, as I moved into the next room I could see him in a vision , it was not a passing vision but he was looking at me superimposed within the room for maybe 15 seconds.

He was smiling the way he does shining and I could feel his heartfelt intentions pushing towards me, I also felt the same smiling and watched him. Intensity flooded me within my chest spilling emotion from me,

I was actually waiting for him to wave or wink or something. I was filled with a mutual love and beauty at witnessing this, which just added to this whole experience.

This was just one instance of the magic and heartfelt beauty I experienced whilst on my visit amongst others. The feeling of beauty and shifting within my being so intense that I felt like weeping and happy all at the same time whilst in his presence is the memory that will stay with me.

The practices of Dragons Tears has continued to bring to the surface old patterns as they are said to, and I await our next encounter with optimism and excitement, looking forward to furthering this learning and unraveling. See you again soon.

Thank you Nagual for sharing these gifts. The words heart and beauty may appear here in multiples.


“I had an amazing experience within dimension while visiting Lujan for The Heart and Third Eye Awakening program. My feelings about who I am were confirmed in an incredible way. To accept the realness of this experience still challenges my psyche and opens my heart.

I can only be silent and humbled by the fact that power made itself available for me while with Lujan. To meet a person that I could “tell my issues” to and know that he would tell me the truth from his heart and then empower the real me-who I am in my heart, was exactly what I was searching for. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time speaking with Lujan in heightened awareness and to feel eternity in the passing seconds.

Gracious, humble, giving, and standing absolutely firm in his personal power; Lujan related truths that were exactly what my heart needed to hear. I am so thankful for the example Lujan set for me by living totally present within the moment and stationed within the truth of his heart.”

Tod Miner

Once I found my way to the Parallel Perception web site, it took me a very short time to decide that I needed to see the Nagual and fast. I felt like it was a life and death situation for me. I checked the program schedule and felt that it was too far away and did not want to wait that long. I then received a communication that there was an opening in the nagual’s schedule at a much earlier time. I just knew that he felt my urgency and made himself available at an earlier date.

During the Dragon’s Tears program I was only able to learn half of the movements. After a personal issue came up he commented that I did not go there to learn Dragon’s Tears but to confront the issue.
I have been practicing Dragon’s Tears (half) for a month now. I have been observing myself from a detached point of view all this time.

There has been, very subtly, an insurgence of ethics/integrity in all of my actions without any conscious effort on my part. I have a different point of view. I like it. I just stopped my foolish, energy draining behaviors. On top of that I feel absolutely fantastic without any expectations. I realized how much pressure I was putting on myself through personal expectations.
Nagual Lujan has a “Gift of Power” for all. I think his gift of power to me will keep on working as I increase my ability to receive more.

Go get your gift of power and be an unbiased witness.

Levent Kecik
Rockwall, TX

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