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Visiting Lujan Matus for a second time has left me quite speechless for a while. Ever since I left, I have attempted to explain to myself what exactly happened during those three weeks and put things into perspective but finally accepted that there is nothing to understand in such a fashion. What remains to be understood is everything else: where has my life taken me so far, what made me compromise and every little thing I need to drop so that I constantly remain true to myself.
The time spent with Lujan has been totally genuine on all aspects: there was only joy, love and we spoke of truth without holding back. It transformed and healed me beyond anything I could have imagined. In other words, what happened during those three weeks was that I had witnessed truth (and non-linearity) long enough so that I can’t deny my own – or anyone else’s – anymore.
What has been transmitted manifested on many levels that I can’t fully understand at this time. What I perceived was profound, unexpected healing that still brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it. Besides the initial energetic impetus, Lujan made me aware of what I would describe as an area in my luminosity that was weakened, with considerably less awareness, very similar to a numb arm or leg.
One thing that happened after I was shown this, was that I understood instantly how I had been manipulated through that area for as long as I know.After I became aware of what he was showing me, he simply said “talk from it”. Behind those words was the healing formula: the information in terms of body consciousness needed for healing the self from within by directing the flow of energy within the body throughout the affected area.
This event brought the notion of completeness (or sealing one’s luminosity) on my mind ever since I left Costa Rica. This is something truly priceless and it should be the right of every human being on this planet. To know a shaman willing and able to guide one towards this state is a blessing.
Everything that occurs when someone comes to visit Lujan Matus, has the potential to heal and align them completely with their own heart. On one hand there is the transmission of shamanic knowledge that comes from a most mysterious and powerful source and on the other there is cooperation and trust.
One of the most pragmatic lesson received has been that of cultivation. Discipline, inner silence, personal power are all cultivated through dedication, consistency and patience, day by day, as opposed to inherited or not, as I used to believe. Now that I think of it, how convenient it was for me to believe I simply did not inherit discipline: it meant I did not have to move one finger for anything beyond what was comfortably familiar!
Reviewing my Dragon’s Tears and Quetzalcoatl made me quickly realize that there are countless details I was still not able to fully grasp, such as synchronized breathing and many subtle yet important gestures and locations in terms of the chakra system. The details I was able to assimilate this time made me love these two sets – that seem to have life of their own – even more and made my practice much more effective.
A review of the system also means going deeper within the self, becoming aware of what is obstructing the free, harmonious flow of energy within the body.Lujan’s system is profoundly healing and I believe a student can only grasp as much as one is sealed and complete at the time being. As healing is progressive, it is only logical to assume that as many reviews are needed as there is room left to heal in order to fully grasp this system.
As healing is an ongoing process in life and Lujan being the most complete human being I have ever met, I believe that shows exactly the depths of his unique system.The Three Treasures set plays a vital role in the healing process described above. This set consolidates power like nothing I have ever seen and if it is the foundation of Lujan’s system, then I am in awe to whatever is next.
Ever since I added the set to my practice, my flexibility has been greatly enhanced, I started perceiving fire-like energy that spreads from the mid-section of the body, generating a massive boost of energy and started feeling the benefits of iron-shirt by having my body toughened. This set also does wonders for the cardiovascular system, greatly stimulating blood-flow throughout all areas of the body.There are other profound and mystical experiences I have constantly been through since I started the practice which await the dedicated practitioner and can be corroborated after reading Lujan’s books.I believe with all my heart that any human is able to let their fire from within grow and eventually expand over all aspects of their life, thus reaching their true potential as luminous beings. This has been shown to me in a most powerful dream I had while I saw Lujan for the first time, where an old man made his gesture of power when he saw his very last chance to act for the benefit of others.It is us and only us who are responsible if we act now or later, when we are compelled to act.What Lujan Matus has given is the spark and tools needed to let my own fire expand. Don Juan called it the warrior’s dance of power and it is the mark of impeccability, joy and freedom of expression. As I head towards my inevitability, like anyone else, I acknowledge this gift that started to give me true purpose in life and the most undeniable proof is that my fear of death dissolves as I become more aware of it.What remains is humbleness, love and to be grateful for the precious time in this beautiful world.
It will be easiest to begin with the start of my personal awakening. 15 years ago, With one of my closest friends by my side, we took some mubbies, the wall of fog appeared and we walked through to the world of lights. The light spheres there were beyond a harmony and love that I had ever experienced or imagined. They showed us where we are headed as beings of light and not to give up, because we are ancient, with a destiny that is ungraspable in its depth and passion. From complete interconnectedness to the never ending perfection of a boundless and expanding Love.

The closest word that I can think of for this experience is “home”. Our true home. Where we come from, where we are headed, and beyond. (I had not read any Castaneda at this time in my life)

When it was time to go back to the everyday reality, tears of sorrow flowed freely, because I knew it would be quite a long time before I would amass the energy to return. I knew this was just a glimpse. Before this experience, I was suicidal… and very much an athiest. So naturally, this was the most profound experiences of my life, untill I met Lujan Matus.

Actually, closer to the truth, my time with Lujan felt like a continuation of whatever it was that touched me ever so deeply and briefly, 15 years ago. I felt and feel deeply woven to his purpose and message, because I know in my bones that what he is offering is what was/is missing from my quest for the inner journey home.
I have been playing with different kinds of Kung fu and chi gong for around 15 years. Practicing one type, but eventually moving on to the next because of the “this isn’t IT either” feeling. The Dragon’s tears and Quetzalcoatl Series are magic. True, pure, magic. Unlike anything I have ever felt or even seen. The changes in my being, the way I see the world, the depth of peace within, the fire that consumes my never ending burden, how I deal with frustration… Everything is changing in my life because of these movements. The weirdest thing is that its my body that “decides” to do the movements every morning.Not me. I had been struggling with smoking for over 10 years. And you guessed it, after the first day of movements, I stopped smoking. No, my body stopped smoking. I just cant do it anymore, and its not even my choice. Something is coming out of me, and I don’t know what it is, but I know that I have been waiting for it ever since its been lost, and that it is very good.
So what can I say about the three treasures? I see them as an amplifier. The Dragon’s Tears and Quetzalcoatl say, are like the nicest speakers that you can buy. Crystal clear. Their effect on you, heaven. The three treasures is like the best amp you can buy. It turns up the juice in the tears and quitz in a way that my being is no longer pumping out rivers of bioelectric energy, instead I am the river.Lujan said that the treasures is the ground of the other practices that he offers. I tried doing the dragons tears without the treasures, just to see. The effect, not even close to when the two are put together. Worth every penny and then some.
I had been waiting to see Lujan for about 6 years, so I had unwillingly built up a slew of expectations. No matter, he blew them all away. With the utmost care and potency, Lujan guilds us to the inner most potential of what it means to be alive. My body knows that as I deepen the commitment to these movements, they will deepen me. And in ways that I cannot grasp.Lujan gives of himself so freely. He is complete in his being, embodying the unspeakable origins and power that is everyone’s birthright. And yet, he is as playful and light as the sandbox days in kindergarten.
Lujan, it was such an honor. And although I still don’t know what this change and process is that you helped start, I do know that it is of depth, grace, and goodness.
Blessings to all,
P.S. Those of you who go to take the treasures, you cant really prepare physically, but I would very much recommend working on leg strength (using static 15 to 20 min horse stance) and hamstring flexibility as much as possible. Because quoting Lujan “you never beat this system, it ALWAYS beats you!”

P.P.S. Another little plus… I futs around with solo guitar a little, and have never felt this connected to myself through my instrument.


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