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My name is Robinson David Martinez. I live in Brooklyn, NYC. I have read Lujan’s book, “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception” three times. This book has helped me in such profound ways, yet in a simple, subtle, everyday manner. I have had saturation in life and my being has felt like the rigidity of a stone. Lujan’s words have been to me like the consistent drop of water that has helped hollow out that rigidity. They have provided the words emptiness, fluidity and formlessness.

Like the right hand and the left, we have an old self, with a set of routines and behavior that makes us sticky and feel stuck. We also have a better side of our self, a professional human being with kindness, surging energy, who gives and receives love in abundance and who simply has a whole bunch of fun. I have been taught, through Lujan’s words, that you must dissect darkness in order to see the light. I have been made aware of something, at least in this stage of my growth, which has made a big difference: when i do the right thing (when i do what has to be done) when i do something from my heart, there is a surge of energy that feels very good. When I allow myself to be lazy and not act in the way the subtle voice of my heart dictates, right out of nowhere a damn of energy is built right within myself. How do we free ourselves from heaviness, self-imposed and imposed upon by others? How do i free myself of myself? Imagine Lujan’s timeless inherited knowledge as a gigantic golden key with a thousand keys within it that light on and off like a fireflies. Where are they? In our heart.

Then another idea that has been elusive for me for a while: when you have more energy you think more clearly. Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, the bullies in our life, the situations and circumstances, the pain–all of these create energetic blockages like a pinched nerve. Why are you reading this? Why did i read testimonies before I made contact with Lujan? Because in my heart of hearts I felt that there was something out of balance that needed balancing. And it still does. And hence the idea of the warrior, a type of spiritual identity that has enabled me to push beyond the nagging, critical, self-deprecating moments. I have learned from Lujan that less is more, that for success, one needs to go very slow, with much effort but without tension nor obsession–with a lengthened spine and total relaxation.

In the challenges of life, in the ups, in my downs and in my in betweens, i keep the idea of the warrior in my heart. It is the golden lotus flower which grows right next to the palpitations of my heart and it is still small, but it is growing with power and kindness.

Attend a workshop with Lujan and your world will change.

With gratitude.

Robinson David Martinez


“When the student is ready, The teacher will come”

I have been working on the path of self improvement for over ten years now. I have read many authors on this subject . I was purchasing a similar book online when the dealer suggested “I might also like”… Parallel Perception by Lujan Matus. I decided to purchase the book on a the fact that the title sounded interesting.

Reading this book marked a true turning point in my life. The book itself is full of more knowledge than I would have ever guessed, but one line in particular changed my life far more than anything else I read. On the very last blank page of the book there was one small line of text in the middle of the page reading If I only had an idea of the magnitude that this one little line carried.

I followed the rabbit hole a little deeper and went to the site. Here the quote I wrote at the top came true. I began my online tuition with Lujan. I realize now that the previous ten years of self work had been the preparation for what was to come. In 12 weeks of online tuition with the Nagual, I had accomplished more than the entire 10 years of preceding work. All things come in the correct time, but I am here to tell you that you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary. If you can’t go directly to Bali the online tuition is the answer.

Lujan will not “give” you anything. The strange thing is that you don’t need to be “given” anything. You have inside you already all the things that you will ever need in this life. Lujan with his system of knowledge is a key to unlocking this power that resides within you, but the work is still yours to do. I can personally assure you through my own experiences with him that he definitely holds the key to our closed doors. Contact with him will fling these doors wide open. Try it…see what lies behind the closed doors of your own mind.



I have been practicing Tapping and Dragons Tears for over a year after I spent a couple weeks with Lujan over in Bali in December 2007, and it has been a very transformative experience. Training each day is both a great challenge and a great joy!

It leaves me feeling supercharged and clear. It is a powerful means of stirring up, blasting through stagnant energy in your body and re distribiting it to your center, this subtle feeling that grows with practice which becomes an internal reference point that follows you into your day.

It has been such an important thing for me to have a daily practice, it is an advisor no doubt, that reflects back on everything else in my life and vice versa. It’s a killer workout, and the vitality that is acheived really has helped me to cut through so much social bullshit.

The contrived and dead social agreements seem so fucking boring from the perspective of an alive and vital body, and that is what this training awakens. Intensity of feeling has increased. Laughter has become explosive. My love of music has been supercharged.

The strength that has manifested with training has shown me I can actually help other people in a real sense, offer support and comfort, whereas before self obsession and fear ruled me. I am more at ease alone, I am more at ease in company- i no longer see a distinction between the two- just the alignment with this inner feeling, it doesn’t matter what is happening around me.

I have been doing this for just over a year, Lujan has been practicing for something like 30 years. The intensity that he brings to the table is just shattering, very, very humbling. I have never met anyone like him. To anyone out there reading this- dare to take the dive you will not regret it.

Thank you, you magnificent man!
I feel like dancing!


New Zealand


Lujan, Thanks again for another magical week!

I’ve just done another 5 days with Lujan, this time learning a new form called small mountain which is the first segment of the Jaguar Series, which really opened up my energy like nothing I have experienced before…nothing to be explained or put into verbal words…its something so magical that I feel my strength opening in areas I had no awareness of before.

One of the unique effects of the Jaguar Series is that I am now constantly dreaming every night of performing these movements and when I was learning with Lujan I was constantly being taught the Jaguar Series in dreaming by him.

Every time I am with Lujan I receive a key in which I unlock the many gateways towards emptiness…to freeing myself of the social bullshit and manipulations I weave myself into.
Its like walking along your path, sometimes looking outside and veering to the left or right, though with Lujan I walk directly on my tight rope to where I’m going with no distractions to push me off. I know where it is I stand now.

The events which have occurred these past few weeks have been so potent that I can no longer hide from or lie to myself. Everything has arisen to the surface, nothing resides hidden…
I now feel someone and they appear, or have an issue and its directly reflected through everything that surrounds me…if I cant find a clear answer to something then someone will randomly walk by and answer my question for me aloud as they walk by…there is nowhere to hide anymore and no need to hide anyway.

Lujan has helped me to utilize so many tools through his words, to practicing tapping and the tears which I continue as part of my practice daily. The tapping opens up so much energy and I feel after practicing it for some time that the body becomes hard as iron.

The other day I knocked my leg and didn’t even feel it! If I don’t do it in the morning I feel the difference…it charges me with energy for the day and awakens all my muscles and cells.
This time with Lujan I also learned some new gazing techniques, cloud gazing and flower gazing. Lujan warned me to rotate my eyes clockwise otherwise it could be dangerous. Unconsciously I moved for a split second anticlockwise. Lujan said at this point he saw a beam of black light coming down from the sky.

That night I had an experience which frightened me deeply. There was something in the room moving objects on my alter and this happened four nights in a row.

Lujan explained that the Tibetan mandala rotates in a clockwise direction and there is a good reason for this. He said that the Nazis reversed this mandala to rotate anti-clockwise (swastika). He said that this provokes forces that should not be unleashed within the gazing as I discovered.

Lujan also showed me how to take the light from stars by plucking them out of the sky! Though this time he took a planet’s light, not a star’s….which disappeared from the sky and then reappeared after 30 seconds. He said that you can take the light from a dead star that has imploded or exploded. A planet’s light can be taken only for a short period and then the planet replaces itself after the gazing.
Lujan I look forward to our next meeting, hopefully sooner than later…Thank you for being such an honest and loving teacher and friend!

Natalie Zukerman,

Mullumbimby Australia.


Without reservation I can say the two weeks I spent under the tutelage of Lujan Matus were the most intense, demanding, and rewarding of my life. He is without a doubt the most elegant human being I have ever met, and the shift his mere presence created within me continues.

‘Dragons Tears’ is a fluid series of movements whose practice I look forward to each day. I was interrupted while performing these movements recently and when I finally responded to the person they said, “Man, you were in a trance.” After finishing this series I feel as if I’ve just emerged from a deep meditation – calm, quiet, and aware.

“Tapping” is an intense workout that both challenges and enables me to confront myself in ways I never have before. I have never learned or practiced any series of movements or exercises where the flowing of internal energy is so conspicuous as that which occurs through ‘Tapping.’ Each day brings something new: Whether it be a subtle emotion, a person in my life needing attention, or more often then not, something in myself needing to be confronted. After only three weeks of practice I reunited with my wife and she said I was leaner, more muscular, and remarked that I looked younger.

The gazing techniques Lujan shared were both simple and effective. Using these techniques opens channel previously closed, and has allowed me to open myself to the magic that surrounds us all.

I cannot say enough about the attention and ability of Lujan Matus as an instructor. When you visit him you are given the entirety of his attention, and this was the greatest of the many gifts he shared with me. It’s true that I left Bali with series of movements and techniques that are priceless, but the insights gleaned from the personal interaction with the Nagual was the most precious gift of all.

Love and respect,

H. Vadnais, USA


I did an online tuition with Lujan Matus about 6 months ago. I wanted to wait to give my testimonial because I knew there would be many changes in my life.

When the tuition started I told Lujan my main objective was to eliminate imprints so I could have a clearer heart. The Nagual helped me accomplish this successfully. He also helped me to be comfortable in ‘knowing’ without reason. It has made all the difference in my life.

Since the start of the tuition I have gotten out of a relationship that was energetically weakening and compromised my own integrity. I have also been clear enough to really accept my feelings.

Two years ago I met the most wonderful woman but my mind would not allow me to be clear about how I felt for her. Since our tuition I have reconnected with this person and for the first time in my life I can say I KNOW I am now with someone I belong with.

I sincerely thank Lujan for all he has done for me. It was the best money I have ever spent and I will always be thankful for his impact on my life.



After reading The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception, I discovered the opportunity to participate in Private Tuitions with Lujan. The 18 tuitions I participated in, (via Skype), were the most useful and life-changing discussions I have ever had (I am 64 years old). Each time we talked, his honest and clear perception of who I am…was both surprising and refreshing.

His syntax, in discussing his wisdom and knowledge…of the conditioning of cognition and perception that we live with daily, and the world of existence that is simultaneously here, beyond our normal perception…was so pure…and so precise…that I frequently found myself stunned into empty silence. It was very very lovely.

I will continue to re-read his book…and will go looking for another opportunity to learn from him in person… as soon as I can.
Roger, USA


Don Lujan Matus has opened my eyes allowing me to see, quite clearly, who I really am and what has prevented me from being in touch with this person I so strongly yearned for since I was a child.

The moment I began to speak with don Lujan for the first time I became hypersensitive. My mind began to satiate with visual imagery and internal dialogue which I kept within for as long as I can remember.

My head was pounding as my consciousness was flooded with possible avenues that our conversation may have taken. It was as if something within was throwing all of my unresolved life’s experienced to the surface to be examined and dealt with.

Don Lujan then said to me, that through my voice he was going to journey within. In five minutes of our first parley he hit the source of much of my life’s insecurities. He so gently questioned my past and I began to converse with him concerning issues I thought I would take to the grave reticently.

The morning after our first meeting I stood outside and experienced a total freedom. Something was really gone, I felt within as if I was now free, free to experience the depth and non-linearity of being human. A strong imprint had been dissolved.

The way Don Lujan works is awe-inspiring. He is so gentle, so kind. He created a friendship with me. I could feel his caring. He allowed me to be totally liberated with him. In today’s world we cant always express ourselves, our truth, because of the consequences which may bear upon us. Don Lujan allowed me to be free from the impertinent views of society.

This positive backing I lacked throughout my childhood, even within the supposed security of my own home.

I had many questions concerning various aspects of my personal life, the path with heart, living like a warrior, etc. Questions I was never able to make sense of. Lujan was clear in his approach.

I learned to witness my own growth from a non-intrusive, non-judgmental perspective. The changes I witnessed during my association with Lujan have been profound. He has somehow pushed me into third gear.

And now I laugh. I laugh till tears roll down my face. A dark veil has been lifted from my consciousness. I feel love permeating through every inch of my being. And now, without restriction I will journey free, buoyant, to experience all of a mans lot.

And to understand this profound joy, a new lust for life, and to connect it to another mans time… … Words are not enough. There is nothing I could ever say, nothing I will ever do, that would truly show my powerful love and admiration for Don Lujan Matus.

You are clearing peoples burdens, healing the world, one person at a time. I think about how splendid it would be to fall asleep at night knowing this, I am flooded with joyful emotional, love. Thank You is not enough, for you I give all of my gratitude.


Las Vegas

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