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I recently attended a week of tuition with Lujan learning the Windlock System. What’s most noticeable to me after practicing for a short time, is that each movement or each section of movements works on a specific area of the body, not just the upper body, arms, or core muscles, but it seems like also the inner organs.

Because of this, the series is very rejuvenating. When finished, I’m left with a very pleasant mix of feeling that I’ve worked hard but simultaneously being recuperated or physically restored.

After only a few days, I saw weight shift from my midsection to my upper body and arms, which is actually a bit surprising because I had already considered myself in very good shape and didn’t envision such a noticeable change in very short period of time. And the increase in strength is pretty amazing too.

Another direct result is that I’ve been able to experience more prolonged and sustainable periods of silence, both directly after and throughout the day.

The martial applications of the practices are also very apparent.  Lujan mentioned that the Windlock movements are the basics for the more advanced Kung Fu techniques he may teach, and that the basics by themselves are very effective if they needed to be used in a combat situation.

Eric VanHouten

New Jersey, USA


“You must be honest with the movements to beckon the energy to come to you; there is no perfect way of doing it but there is the right way of doing it. Search for the magnetism, the mystery, with humility and let it come to you. You will feel it like a force that you move through, like moving through honey. Every movement is a gesture to spirit.”

The Nagual Lujan’s words as I practise the movements mirror life as I live it.

For anyone who has yet to undertake learning with the Nagual Lujan, it is important that you know that it is not just a set of movements we learn, it is an awakening and reclaiming of our inner beauty and simplicity as human beings that his teaching brings.

He is an incredible teacher: loving, humble and powerfully strong in a way that confronts and shatters our dysfunctions. This releases our entrapment and so our energy becomes available to engage in our potential and reclaim our sovereignty as light beings.

The Golden Lotus Series open the energy centres and beckon the force of the infinite to make itself felt. My hands tingle with magnetism as they search and touch it. At one point my whole body feels it move inside of me.

The movements themselves are like songs of mudras designed to awaken the body to communicate with that energy we all feel is there and seek in so many (sometimes dysfunctional) ways. This magical tapestry of ancient communication brings the body back into a relationship that is so yearned for within the heart: to feel That Which Cannot Be Known and be with it.

Each set of movements align the dantiens (energy centres) to capture the magnetic energy and nurture the body’s energetic field. The eyes are drawn within, for when the connection to the infinite is tangibly felt, there is nothing left but to resolve all that hinders this magical state of being and is our true heritage.

For me, as I learned and practised the movements, events unfolded around me that confronted me deeply and at the same time helped me grow in awareness at an astonishing rate. I would practice the movements and later I would live a situation that brought fast resolution within me of something that had weighed me down.

As I move I beckon eternity and eternity answers to help me become aware of my path. This then opens a wealth of understanding and awareness, and such a loving feeling for the magic that surrounds us I well up with tears of gratitude just reliving it. I experienced episodes of clairvoyance and synchronicity constantly as well.

What a wonderful gift, Nagual. Thank you.

Much love,

Luma Chichiwa

New Zealand

I attended a week of tuition in Whispering Palms with Lujan Matus. The Whispering Palms training was a watershed experience for me. Many things I learned before just clicked together and it opened my eyes to the scope and depth of the system.

Lujan mentioned how especially Oriental teachers withhold certain teachings for many years, when in fact, they can –and should be learned earlier. This came up during what turned out to be a pre-discussion on the topic of connecting the palms to the Dan-tien. When I asked Lujan how long this will take me –expecting an answer in years, Lujan replied “Two minutes. We are going to do it now.” We did. This connection opened a new world of energy for me. During my two-week visit, this was the first of a few instant game-changers.

Whispering Palms is an energy cultivation practice that also trains certain energy sensing skills. It cultivates a sticky, dense and noticeable energy. During practice I get feedback from it so I can attune my movements to maximize my interaction with it while at the same time following it better.

Whispering Palms has one flow through postures like ‘twisted roots’, the ‘emperor’ poses and ‘the tibetans’ with fluid, spiraling motions. It enlivens and generates energy that one then packs tightly around the body.

Learning about the ’Dragon Gates’ explained why Lujan calls Lo Ban Pai a ‘Dragon Gate system’. This teaching that is so simple and powerful finally got me to understand how physical exercise, energy cultivation and spiritual growth integrate to work together and better.

Another key learning for me was what Lujan calls sincerity of gestures. When one performs the movements sincerely, they work better and you can feel it immediately.

Whispering Palms is like a dynamic meditation, a fully awake engagement with here and ‘eternity’ by using the body/energy /awareness in concert as an enabler and medium for embodying spirituality in reality –not just ‘in the head’.  I’ve not come across anything like it anywhere else. I must clarify that it is not a trance inducing practice. It requires full attention, yet moves that attention into silence, and that yields the amazing. Lujan talks about ‘gleanings’, pockets of insight that come and yield their gifts throughout one’s life as relevant situations arise.

As a bearer of the Toltec teachings, Lujan is very clear about how he disseminates a reconstituted teaching. It wells from the same wisdom, but the way it is contextualized yields an entirely different insight and way of application that is very practical. It is firmly guided by connecting to and living from the heart. The reality of experiencing energy makes this a much more literal and practical statement. In the past I often got entangled in mental machinations trying to interpret theoretical or extrapolated Toltec teachings, and now it is clear how often I just got it wrong –especially since my ego was seeking to use the teachings for their own socialized agendas. I thank Lujan for helping me to find the heart and the way to walk.

There are so many other things we discussed and I learned so much. Whispering palms was an eye and energy-opener for me.

Each visit with Lujan has been more impactful and amazing than the one before. Lujan embodies his teachings and his openhearted, friendly and direct manner, his attention, dedication and skill as a teacher creates an incredible space to be, learn and grow in. Over the years my respect and gratitude towards Lujan continues to grow. I recommend taking any of Lujan’s programs because half of the value has little to do with the program you’re on.

Thank you Lujan. I hope to visit again soon.

Henk Boshoff

The Three Treasures set plays a vital role in the healing process and consolidates power like nothing I have ever seen.

Ever since I added the set to my practice, my flexibility has been greatly enhanced, I started perceiving fire-like energy that spreads from the mid-section of the body, generating a massive boost.

This set also does wonders for the cardiovascular system, greatly stimulating blood-flow throughout all areas of the body.



Lujan had demonstrated some of the applications on the wooden dummy and taught the first section of this sequence. What he demonstrated has the elegance and flow of some of the other movements such as the Jaguar Series. It does not seem to resemble as much what I had seen from my prior limited exposure to another system, which in comparison the movements now seem somewhat incomplete.

Eric VanHouten

New Jersey, USA


I’ve written this testimonial about the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake in the hope that others will feel connected and willing to give it a go. For me it is such a special practice and has been so instrumental in helping me grow. I know everyone has different particular experiences when practising this technique, as all our needs and strengths are different, yet I share mine in the hope that we can connect by a need we all have: to awaken to who we truly are.

The first time I practiced the Eight Gates of Dreaming awake my body went into the most blissful state of relaxation. Years of stress and strain dissolved and I felt like a child. I laid for hours just feeling, and this made me realise how much my body was suffering from the onslaught of my unruly mind. The stress created by the disconnection to the intuitive parts of me was taking an incredible toll and I was not prepared to let this continue.

And so the Eight Gates opened a door to a real awareness of my needs, the needs of the part of me that had been entrapped in the socialised nightmare we call reality. Through practice I am learning to disentangle myself from this craziness, because it is, that was making me behave in a way that diminished the better parts of me as I felt in a continuous state of war with people and the world around me.

As my awareness grows through this practice I am able to appreciate the true circumstances of our predicament because it propels me to work through the predicament myself. And so my heart opens to others, as it is a war now tempered with understanding rather than judgement and a love for the possibilities inherit in everyone of us. That is the magic of this practice: you get to know the you that is full of possibilities as the awareness and ability to act past our limitations gain power.

The Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake are gates, gates to a freedom and awareness that is ours to reclaim.

Nagual, this is my thank you for this beautiful gift.


Luma Chichiwa

New Zealand

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