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On the evening of May 22nd 2008 Lujan introduced me to a gazing technique he called Gateway Gazing.

The experience was to become the most profound and dramatic of the many gazing techniques Lujan taught me during my week in Bali.

The technique began innocently enough with a couple of plants . After going through several steps which resulted in the plants becoming luminous. Lujan caught me off guard and had me switch my gaze to a star that was approximately directly above the plants in our field of view.

This resulted in the plants that I was still watching out of my peripheral vision changing color in a manor that I can best describe as a very dramatic light show at a very good dance club. The plants appeared to be encased in a room with lights of every color imaginable flashing brightly and randomly.

At this point I was content to simply watch the spectacle in front of me however something even more profound happened as the star we were gazing at appeared to blink brightly several times then extinguish.

At this point Lujan became quite enthusiastic, I on the other hand reverted to using my rational mind which suddenly switched back on to explain the phenomena I had just witnessed.

Lujan, as usual a few steps ahead challenged me to look for the clouds I silently needed to complete my explanation with. Upon closer inspection of course there were no clouds in the vicinity of the now missing star.

What’s more the surrounding stars were still present and accounted for. After our usual (debriefing ) and several more attempt at finding the missing star which persisted the following 2 nights, I was forced to come to the conclusion that the star had indeed burned out in a most spectacular fashion before my very eyes. The ramifications of this event are and will likely continue to affect me in untold ways. Perhaps someday I will even find my now missing star.

Michael Walking Bear, USA


I remember one of my first encounters with the Nagual Lujan where he removed a very scary violent thumping shadow from me.

As he walked in the room in a friend’s house I was at, I felt immediately uncomfortable, as I had never been in the presence of such deep silence and someone so present. He was dressed immaculately in all black and was wearing a black hat and seemed to flow with grace and ease as he walked.

After a short time we went outside and were talking with some other friends when I turned and realized Lujan was gazing right through me, as when my eyes met his I realized I was witnessing void for the first time.

I lost sequential continuity for a little while and was grappling with complete silence and trying to keep any imprints from surfacing.

Afterward we moved inside where I began to feel increasingly more uncomfortable. Soon after noticing my discomfort something very disturbing in my chest started bubbling to the surface, which I tried to hide by sitting down on a couch facing away from Lujan.

Immediately he picked up on it and stood beside me putting his hand gently on my left shoulder asking, “Are you ok?” I replied yeah sheepishly lying. “Are you sure?” he said.

From then on everything started blurring and my sense of time and immediate environment started shifting and blurring very similar as described in Carlos Castaneda’s books. My whole body trembled and my ears fluttered and at one stage I felt like I was the body of a friend who was witnessing this looking back at myself, and myself at the same time, experiencing two energy bodies at once a very strange energetic displacement?

I also remember hearing a heavy whirlwind sound shudder the glass door of the house we were in.
This was extra – ordinary as soon after the glass door shuddered I witnessed the brightest electric blue/purple luminous balls I’ve ever seen hovering above Lujan’s left shoulder and as he turned to face me I saw a magnificent gold net coming from him that covered the good part of the whole room with each magical strand hovering with life and energy.

Through this whole blur of being shook up of foreign energy I remember Lujan’s voice guiding me and me listening as if it was my only lifeline. I really felt death that night as I’ve never felt it before my own fear brought up the thought that I might die right then and there.

After experiencing this my eyes were watery and I felt light and also that I had just been through an extreme physical work out.

It really felt like I’d received an amazing exorcism and that I’d been truly delivered to my heart center for the first time. Afterwards an immense clarity came over me and I felt so intensely happy and in this state I had a vision of emerging from a deathly black lake to green grass with an amber lit sunset in the distance with light thin clouds floating.

Looking back though I must say the deepest energy and perceptual shifts have come from you and or deep energetic practices and meditation. My time with Lujan snapped a lot of holding patterns and broke my experimenting with any drugs leaving me completely sober ever since (almost coming up to a decade now). For this I’m forever grateful, as I believed Lujan saved my life.





Like many of the practitioners and tuition students posting here, I found Lujan Matus’s web site via serendipity. I can’t remember my motives for cruising through the net that day I stumbled across the site, but once here, I was intrigued. Excerpts from the book gave descriptions that seemed to float up from a depth of silence that I’d never encountered before. I was shifted…and being so, knew I was in the presence of authenticity.

I engaged the forum and was met by genuine warriors who operated from a perspective of affection and purpose. Buying the book came shortly there-after. I now consider it one of the most sophisticated bodies of work revolving around warriorism that I’ve ever laid eyes on.

My subsequent tuition with Lujan has been pure magic. My expectations (there, regardless of whether they should have been or not) were simply blown away. All that was required was to bring the best of myself to the table with honesty and openness. That being done, and not without some initial reserve to be truthful, Lujan escorted me to essential compartments of myself almost immediately…allowing me access to massive progressive manipulations of this puzzle that faces us all…the puzzle of the self dreaming this dream that we dream. I’ve been introduced to “heart” perspective, and I know that I’ll never let it go!

Thank you Lujan. What a stroke of fortune…of power and Spirit…to have met you here in this exquisite place!


Birmingham, Alabama

Are we possessed through our possessions? Are we willing and capable at getting to the bottom and reveal the things we vehemently defend and guard – and if not, why not? What is it and how does it block us from ourselves?

When something is allowed to masquerade within us – it becomes us.Over time any distinction fuses in our minds and detection itself becomes the dilemma.As long as it remains there and we approach it intellectually, we reason and rally our defenses to defy truth itself in order to protect and even proliferate. This is nefarious, this is elusive, this is fixation.

This defiance, through which we boldly proclaim our individuality or independence, serves to buttress looping knots that merely reinforce and uphold a steel mask.What better defense than the labyrinth of the mind – brilliant if you ask me.

Believe me, I know, I just lived through the pain of facing fixation.I hid behind my defenses until I met the only man to see right through them.

And I was confronted with them by the Nagual.

The ease with which he slips behind them and reveals you is quite unnerving – nowhere to escape easily like can be done here.And believe me there is no hiding from the truth or running to mommy.
Letting go feels nothing short of a battle for your life, and some part of you dies along the way.

The choice is clear: release and free yourself of this parasite, or reinforce your battle lines and defend with all your might against the vulnerability that comes with accepting your own heart.

The choice though clear, is far from easy.Only when the incessant yammering of the mind wanes are the scales tipped which gives rise to the heart.Once there, dialogue interference is exposed for what it is – a farce.The heart knows this, and our intellectual posturing gets trumped by the revelations of our truth.

To claim otherwise, or to view and filter this process through the mind is simply holding on to manipulation.When we are manipulated in this way it may be hard to recognize, because that’s what interference does. But we feel it, and in silence it becomes undeniable.

Even if we can’t reach that place of silent reflection, it shows through our need to control and in our judgments.But our heart, our truth won’t accept interference, or allow us to interfere.When our heart opens it breaks and remains vulnerable, but the rotting carcass of manipulation eventually dissolves like smoke.

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. But it sure as hell can burn to the ground in one when the gale force winds of the Nagual blow…

Howard, USA

Energy Tapping is very strenuous, very physical. It strengthens the whole body, especially the legs, which are very challenged, because of the daily practice. There is a close relationship of Iron Shirt Chi Kung and Tapping, but Iron Shirt is only one aspect of the diversity of Tapping and Tapping is using different methods.

I am experiencing an activation of energy raising in the vertical centre line of the body upwards out of the head and in curved lines in all directions down to the sexual center and the feet and from there on raising upward again by creating an electromagnetic field around the body.

The energetic centers of the body are fully charged and opened in this process, which resolves any emotional dis-balances and changes the consciousness. I experience a very silent and observational state of awareness which is sustained by the daily practice. The whole body feels very charged and vibrating. It feels like every single cell of the body starts to vibrate.

During the practice I feel how the body is absorbing energy through the the feet, the hands and the entire surface of the skin. During meditation techniques my state of consciousness is changing very quickly into a deep trance.

Usually I felt resistance and boredom. This made any meditation uncomfortable and ineffective.
This resistance is gone now and inner silence is accessible very easily.

When I am thinking now, I feel quite uncomfortable. I am rather beckoning. I am focusing and the answer comes without the usual process of mind chatter. Tapping is a real booster.

Dragon’s Tears are very beautiful and graceful movements which are changing my awareness immediately in a way, that I feel a deep trance and witness the movement of my body. It is unlike any other Chi Kung or Kung Fu practice I have ever studied in the past 7 years. It is fluid. I don’t mean it looks fluid. It is fluid. The form is formless and the hands are automatically manipulating electromagnetic energy by their own intelligence. Every day the practice is different, it looks similar, but feels very different.

I prefer to practice at night time in the darkness, because my trance is deeper and sometimes I can see a blue glow around my skin or flashlights between my hands.

I can not really tell what Dragon’s Tears is doing for me aside my feelings and perceptions during the practice. It is a redistribution of electromagnetic energy, but more than that. I would say it activates the seer within, but what I mean by that is indescribable for me.

The practice was a key to understand hidden secrets of chinese martial art, not because of the hidden martial applications in the movements, but because of a changed awareness, which makes accessible hidden truth and secrets in teachings, not even the teacher needs to know.

Dragon’s Tears awakens the intelligence of the body. This is inexplicable. Personal and impersonal. It is a key.
Dragon’s Tears is a mystery for me. Real magic.

Learning from Lujan is very joyful, pleasant and humorous. My awareness shifted permanently through his presence. It is 2 months ago now. Lujan is the most incredible being I ever met. He combines simplicity and magic.

The gazing techniques are very impressive, not only because of the telekinesis I witnessed. This guy doesn’t deter to control the wind! Unfortunately there were no stars left in between the frame of the window, which Lujan is using for his gazing techniques. I will try it on my own soon.

One night my awareness shifted enormously through a gazing technique combined with a meditation. I felt in between dreaming and waking. Light and shadow were intensive, cars appeared like monsters and everything was really alien, I wasn’t afraid, but very observing and detached. I was stoned through meditation.

Or like Lujan said:”Now you are fucked up, you will never be the same.” I can feel emptiness saturating my body ever-since.

This journey was the best decision of my life.

Richard, Germany

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