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Seeing the Eyes of a Shaman

My first moment of meeting Lujan was quite an amusing one.

My friend and I were waiting at the meeting place, when a tall, gentle presence suddenly appeared in front of us. I found myself looking into bright, smiling eyes as we got up to great him. I was instantly enveloped by a sense of absolute comfort.

My mind was a little confused as this man could not be over 40 and I knew the Nagual was older than that, so I came to the conclusion that he must be the Nagual’s son. Only when we got back to the house did I realise after a short while, that this was actually Lujan. I was fascinated by the lightness that shone his face. As I became familiar with his home I felt how right it was to be there. Finally I had found a teacher that I could truly trust, I had no doubts, my intuition was completely aware of the integrity and unconditional love that this man emanated.

My mind was in a little shock that this experience was really happening. For me, actually trusting a person enough to really let go, was like prying open an ancient rusted treasure chest. Each moment that I spent with Lujan it became easier and easier.

Time did not seem to exist when we were working, I felt like I was evolving a millennia in every hour. Lujan works with such grace and ease. I processed through more “stuff” in those two weeks than I had within the ten previous years. Spending time with Lujan was the first time in my life that I felt truly safe, I was beginning to get a sense of what it was to actually be free.

As soon as we started learning the Dragon Tears my body immediately knew the vibration and the movements. This was the spiritual movement form that I had been waiting for since I was 18 years old.

While we were practising it became more and more visually clear how the energy was moving around Lujan’s body. Later I began to see the blue light of the threads flashing for brief moments. Each time we practised one particular movement I experienced the whole room move swiftly to the right about 30cm and back again, like a glitch in the matrix. After this happened for the third time I expressed to Lujan what I was experiencing. Lujan explained that this was my double moving ahead of me. Many times, especially when we were working at clearing imprints, the texture of the room softened and took on a golden glow, everything physical seemed to fade away into the golden energy.

When the Nagual confronted me with the areas of my life that I had been lying to myself and others, with the deep levels of compromise that I had been carrying, I knew that I had a choice….I could back peddle….or I could surrender. The surrender was not to him, it was to my own beautiful, sensitive sovereignty, so letting myself fall was the only way. I had been waiting for a long time to do this work, to plummet through the shadow, into the center of my being. I was finally on the journey towards my true self.

Over the last ten months of practising the tears, I have been on a roller-coaster ride through the layers of imprints that I have accumulated over my life. The journey has been a little pendulum swinging from resistance to relief. The more I shine a light on the shit, the more the shadow fights. The one thing that I can say is that the Tears truly do bring one towards oneself. They churn up the imprints and show them to you clearly, right in front of your face. The Tears help you to build the strength and clarity to shed away the onion skins and begin to know your truth on deeper and deeper levels. There is no room for compromise, there is no more ability to bullshit oneself and others, there is just the journey of truth and it is beautiful. I am so fortunate that my closest friends have now also been through this profound process and we have each other as clear and supportive mirrors. And of course no matter where Lujan is in the world he is just an email away.

Gaze and yee shall see!

The second week with Lujan we spent the evenings gazing. The first time we watched him I quickly became aware of a serpentine energy as he began to move. It was moving from the ground at his feet, straight up through his body. Then I watched as the chi weaved around him and began to expand through his energy field in intricate flowing patterns, it was delicate, yet strong and beautiful. Then a presence presented itself quite still on the left flank of his body, it was an eagle. Later someone knocked on the door and the stillness was broken as the eagle energy jumped into action towards the door, then it settled back again. Each time Lujan bent over I was aware of a large presence about 10ft tall behind him, I initially felt it was a man, but could not make out more than it was just extremely strong and protective like a guardian.

Later Lujan told me it was his benefactor and he showed me the tattoo of the eagle on his left arm, a gift of protection from his benefactor.

The second night I was in the dragon realm. I was aware of three dragons swimming tightly around Lujan’s body, for the first while, then they softly melded into his body. Later a much bigger dragon came to his right hand side and settled there watching him. The energy of the dragon’s was so beautiful, I could feel the strength if love that they carry.

Lujan also showed us a few exercises from his upcoming book and on one occasion a singing bowl completely disappeared from sight. Later that night an entire star disappeared from sight for over a minute.

Cape Town Courses

Very soon after we arrived back in Cape Town Lujan contacted me and asked if I wanted to organise some courses in Cape Town. I was very excited and asked when? He replied in 4 months time….gulp thought I! I felt excited about the idea and I discussed it with my friends. They were planning on flying over to him anyway so it made more sense to bring him out here. So we did.

Everything fell into place. I organised a talk that had a turnout of 50 people. We all sat in the room and settled down as the Nagual softly began to speak. Very quickly everyone became quiet and their focus became strongly attentive on the Nagual. Mizpah and I were sitting on the side of the room and within minutes my vision blurred as a wave slowly rolled through the room, a wave of pure love and power, touching the hearts of those that were open to it. I sat there feeling my own heart respond as my head thought, can everyone feel this? Are they aware of the Nagual energy? Well I soon found out from the feedback afterward who did and it was the vast majority of the group. What a magical experience witnessing this group heart activation, even though it was just a taste of what it was like to work with the Nagual.

In the middle of a national financial dip, we had 22 people that were drawn strongly to this work to attend Dragon Tears, so we had ourselves an amazing workshop. We used a beautiful venue in CT, up on the side of the mountain, on a property of botanical gardens and we worked in a thatched loft. It was magical.

During the course everyone went through the process that they chose to surrender to. It was truly fascinating sitting on the other side of the room witnessing the turmoil, the letting go, the avoidance and the moments of freedom when those chose to drop into themselves. The group dynamic is so powerful as one is surrounded by many mirrors. The most magical experience for me was towards the end when their bodies had become familiar with the movements and we all moved in unison during the Tears, like the waves of the ocean. It was an otherworldly experience, we all traveled on the waves of time into a place of stillness within motion. What an honour to have organised such a powerful event.

It has been fantastic to be there for the group afterwards, to assist in the deeper integration of the Dragon Tears movements. Through this I have watched the process of everyone chipping away at their onion skins a little more each week. The group have also formed some deep trusting connections with each other. They are already talking about Lujan’s return at the beginning if 2012. I can’t wait to see how those workshops will unfold!

Lujan and Mizpah I have so much love and respect in my heart for you. Thank you! What an exciting journey

Kheryne Danu
Cape Town
South Africa

I will take a long time to assimilate what we have been given. Today is the last meeting of three weeks a friend and I have been learning, working and sharing with Lujan Matus. A time filled with wonder and intensity, a sharp encounter, strong and loving.

A year ago, the book: “The Art of Stalking Parallel perception” impacted my life. There are events that change the perspective over the world. A valuable encounters that changes your path positively and definitely. This book touched my heart, so clearly and deeply that started to prepare myself for the encounter that would happen one year later.

Long ago, in a ceremony with plants, my spirit was lost and then was invaded by an external entity with which kept a gruelling struggle for several years. At that ceremony, the blue-green light of my heart went away and following a very fine thread went far away to a distant dark region. The love and affection of my partner managed to bring me back, but an entity of that region installed itself in the chest.

That was an important reason to seek the help of the Nagual, my third week of work was planned for the program of “shamanic exorcism.”

You have been scared -he said, three weeks ago, the second day of our meeting. Lujan “saw” me and told me I had “something” external weighing on my heart. Lujan asked my permission, for him to move it away.

At that point, being with Lujan had been giving me the feeling of being with someone who is empty, and through his emptyness I could see the depth and beauty of a human being. Simple, something so simple and natural. I was feeling a bubble of energy that weakened my usual mental processes and allowed my heart to open.

That is the feeling that remains clearer when I feel or think about him. Without hesitation I gave him my permission.

In those years I went through many moods, processes and meetings, desperate battles I had with this entity, many kinds of healing, some helped, but I always had a strange presence in my spirit and my body. Gradually I was getting used to live with it despite the weight that it meant. Part of me struggled desperately but the matter was very large and slowly I was losing myself in the deep.

The night after Lujan asked me my permition my heart felt light and returned to a state of peace and tranquillity that I haven’t lived for several years. That was at the second night of our meeting.

Now it has been three weeks of looking into the vastness, feeling the soft and penetrating wind of something that is beyond any syntax.

I have been sharing with a jovial and smiling being, which appears in all his power and freshness.
His look does not result in the shade, it constantly stalks it and doesn’t allow it to emerge through our behaviour. A pure looking travels into your heart.

Gratitude and love

P.S. The revival of energy, strength and fullness of my heart has been gradual, it was the beginning of lightness, peace and tranquility. Now this revival is intense.

Now, many memories are recovering and activating. I feel an increase in intensity in everything, I feel the importance of every thing, every thought, every word, every relationship. I feel like everything has a bearing on reality. I feel like time is precious and our responsibility is significant and relevant. Have opened in me, deep understandings and my heart felt in the intensity of it all. It is wonderful and is a privilege to live in this moment.

It has been two months doing Dragon’s tears and Tapping Energy, and feelling the effect and the transformation in my body an spirit, specially in my heart, and from my heart thank you for this gift of vital power.

Esteban / Quetzal’ Coatl



The Golden Lotus Series workshop with Lujan Matus was a great experience with learnings beyond what I could ever conceive of.

The Series

The Golden Lotus series contains 13 forms seamlessly woven together as one fluid expression. One does not just perform the set, it is an active expression of intent to harvest or draw moon energy into the bio-field, which is actively structured to receive this energy through the performance itself. The practitioner creates, defines, strengthens and nurtures a holographic matrix in the energy field every evening during the lunar month. Once a month the movements are performed in front of the full moon at which time the matrix absorbs this energy.

Since the matrix is part of one’s energy field, the moonlight is absorbed by the bioelectromagnetic field.

Once the Golden Lotus series has been performed at full moon, it can be followed with the Moon Gazing technique found in the book ‘Awakening the third Eye, Discovering the true essence of recapitulation.’

So Far

While new to the series – two weeks of practice – palpable energy movements through my body are already apparent –in my case as heat. I also note a distinctly different ‘signature’ to that of the Dragon’s Tears.

The workshop

The experience of being with other attendants learning the set was very useful. Lujan started each session engaging the group to ‘clear the air’ –my term. This entails making sure that any issues that came with participants to the class, and which could/would interfere with the session are dealt with and ‘cleared’ before movement training starts.

The pre-training ‘discussion’ offers an opportunity to experience dealing with an ‘issue’ oneself, and to see (with the detachment that distance it brings) how Lujan supports another to deal with an issue. This live example of the teachings in action are very, very useful. Most notably it highlighted again how simple it actually is if one commits to applying it. I said simple, not easy… although committed practice should make it easier.

Yes I do recommend the training, and as before, I recommend any training with Lujan because it allows one to see a model example in action.

South Africa


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