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Lujan’s presence and unique wisdom in perception catalyzed for me a self reflection process that has, since returning from Bali, accelerated my own perception through assimilation of the mysterious silent part of myself.

The process of assimilation has been both challenging and mysterious, allowing my being to enter unsolved and disconnected parts of myself, resolve these parts and seal them in order for my being to walk through a new gate of perception and wondrous silence. Even though Lujan’s generous teachings are very much in the moment, since leaving Bali I am grateful to feel the potent resonance of his words and wisdom long after the workshop is finished.

I have found the Tapping practice fortifying in relation to my energy leaks and stabilizing for the “emotional sea” of what I now call my “Surface Mind”…..It is through the practice of tapping, gazing and Dragon’s Tears, I am able to witness and move to a deeper place and hear the more subtle “Heart Voice”.

Dragons’ Tears is an informing series of smooth moving gestures and has become a new guide and feedback for me in understanding my subtle energy and my untapped potential.. Like the sunrise, which is always filled with daily uniqueness, so too the practice of Dragons’ Tears fills each day with unique and new awareness.

Lujan uncovered the hidden in me in an instant, things that even I could not see, burned my ego like a phoenix to the flame, this was not easy for my ego/surface mind to grasp, but then that’s the whole idea…We were able to work intensively for 6 days, if I had tried this work on my own it may have taken 6 years ! Worst yet, the rest of my life!! And so I thank Lujan immensely for this challenge and know now that a challenge is merely a missing piece of the unknown, a mysterious part of myself that I am now discovering.

Much Love and Thanks Lujan

Maya, Victoria, Australia

It’s thirty days post-visit with the nagual Lujan Matus. It’s becoming more and more apparent every day now that SOMEthing has been blown wide open “in” me; where, I don’t know. The World feels lighter, I’m beginning to see countless things — both with the eyes and with the whole body. There are memories surfacing from somewhere, as well. Some of them are so far back in time that I doubt I would have ever thought about them again before my death takes me if this opening — or this “release” — had not occurred.

Another thing I’ve found is that the teachings as put forth in the books of the nagual Carlos Castaneda, as taught to him by the nagual Juan Matus, are defining themselves within my understanding. What were once to me just strange comments by Juan to Carlos in their dialogues are now being clearly understood. Topics — like freeing energy from within in order to recall — are becoming a bodily knowledge.

I would say the reason why words are so difficult to use to express the shift is because this new understanding that is presenting itself is more of whole-body type of thing; as if it’s chemical. The world of man is compartmentalized; we have been taught, intentionally or not, to ignore SO much more than meets the mind’s eye.

Intent is lightening quick. And there really are “lines” all over the world!!!

Sugrue, USA

My first meeting with Lujan was both the best thing that ever happened to me and probably the worst I’ve ever acted in my entire life.

It was literally as if all the unpleasant actions of all the people I’d met in the past were now flowing through me, unconscious, uninhibited, and definitely unwanted!

At first we simply funky-hand-shook and instantly something inside of me began to freak out, as I simply walked to the other room — (Was I insane?

People usually invite others inside! To this day, I question why I was so rude to Lujan, rude in a way that I”d never been to anyone else in my life! Quite embarassing! Although, I admit also that some part of me really wanted to see if he wouldn’t take it personally. ) — I instantly began to ‘act out’ or ‘make crazy’ as it is said, to talk of things useless, and irrelevant. Literally, I was out of character.

Lujan remained cool and relaxed throughout the entire encounter, even detecting my extreme anger (Something which I hadn’t noticed occurring until he pointed it out).

Lujan never took anything personally.

I had never shaken like that before in my entire life, although I’d watched several others shake like that and always wondered what was causing it.

He instantly uncovered the depths and experienced the most insanity I’ve experienced flowing through me in my entire life. He also spoke with me about the difficulty I’ve had in aligning my eyes to work together.

It later became clear to me that I was acting as the result of bewitchment from a satanist — A bewitchment which I had spent much time defeating before, but had recently been renewed by my own failure to recognize the signals that indicated to me to remain unavailable.

Throughout our various encounters, it was discovered that I had several loops occurring unconsciously that were preventing me from seeing possibilities.

Throughout most of our meetings, I actually interacted with Lujan very little, mostly interacting with what it was needed for me to see. Lujan spoke with me about how feelings unexpressed within circumstances can form a layer within the energy body which the people within that circumstance can use against the person that didn’t express.

When he spoke with me of this there were massive changes within my physiology as old circumstances began re-arranging themselves to retroactively enhance me in the emotionally kinesthetic demonstrations within myself of what should have been expressed by me wihtin those circumstances, but weren’t. It was very helpful and extremely clearing.

Even at our last meeting, the bullshit arrogance that was the deepest ugliness in my character, as well as my enemy.

(And it will remain an enemy until it is eliminated from my being) was still present, and the spirit intervened directly, warning lujan of it.
When Lujan does the tears, it is quite awesome.
To observe the arcs of electricity move across his fingers and through his body, to see the yellow field as a result of the tapping, and of course, the light blue-ness that forms the tears themselves.
The effect of lujan on one’s consciousness is profound while being difficult to describe or explain.
He probably has the most flexible or mobile consciousness of anyone I’ve met on earth.

My own consciousness responded to the practice of the tears and to his in many ways, including pictures of a multi-colored luminous wave as well as complex ‘pictures’ of luminous butterflies and other sorts of landscapes.
The practice of martial applications with him was extremely healing, extremely physical, enjoyable, focusing and extremely violent.

He has that natural touch of a martial artist that may appear to be striking a student across the jaw, although within that strike might be precisely the chi and force required to re-set tendons and the joint and heal much damage.
Although I never felt sincerely threatened by him, apparently some part of me needed to see that he could be murderously threatening, and so acted to bring about such circumstances.
also, while I was in Bali, I gained between 10 and 15 lbs. Which is approx. 4 – 6.75 kilo’s.
It is possible to have gained more, although I do not wish to exaggerate.

The last time I weighed myself I had been about 145-150. I assume that I was at 155 when I arrived, although it wouldn’t surprise me to have been less. I weigh between 165-170 now.


Brett Lyons, USA


Well I’ve been back from Bali for over a week now. I just want to write and say again Thank you so very much for everything you taught me. The lessons have been powerful, much more that I had imagined them to be.

Spirit has been presenting me with many opportunities where I must decide how to stay in my Power…. so very thankful for every one of these experiences. Life has become even more magical for me.

There has been a change of perception that has taken place deep within my being, subtle yet very strong. For this I’m very grateful.

Jill, USA

When I came to Parallel Perception more than one year ago, I just followed a link at Google where the name Lujan Matus was displayed, while I was looking for a decent forum that explains more about Tensegrity and the Inner Teachings of Juan Matus/Carlos Castaneda.

I’ve instinctly known that someone who is calling himself Lujan Matus got to have some Power, Knowledge and Integrity and of course this name raised various pictures, illusions, imaginations and fixed ideas in my mind : I expected to find a kind of reincarnated warrior soul which is directly related to the lineage Castaneda describes.

Well Lujan is, but in a complete different manner my illusions were juggling. It is no secret that I was aggressive, arrogant, demanding, being on a kind of ‘mission’ to free myself even if it would take some damage. I always used to provoke and to start power struggling against authorities (my private ‘Campaign for Justice’), but while acting that way, I never faced the fundament of my attitude that was an imprint that relates directly to the imprints laid within my
family origin and the conflicts I had with my father- the place where a Foreign Installment intrudes my awareness.

I meant to know all about psychologic concepts and spiritual aspects due to my skills I earned during my own therapeutic process, my spiritual experiences and adapting Castaneda’s concepts, but deep inside I felt that there was a missing link and Lujan eventually could show me what it is that I miss.

From the first moment on Lujan scotched each of my attempts to undermine his integrity and the benefits given, but in the same breath he always left the door open to recognize what it is that directed my purposes and what caused so much pain in my life:

The non-acceptance of my deepest fear I was hiding behind a mask of aggressiveness, of scholarship, and pleasantness at last cloaking the true power of my heart : the pain of being identified with guilt, fear and worthlessness.

Lujan talked to my Inner Child which is my heart, the center point of his efforts. Instead of another concept another theory or dogma inside of another one, he simply revealed my judgements , limitations and justifications which are the walls I learned to built up to defend a position that actually doesn’t exist at all : an image that I have imposed on my true self.

He expected nothing but sincerity and impartiality for to respect myself as the one I am, without compulsion, without judging.

How could I forget who I am? There’s nothing to fear!

It takes courage to face that self-imposed image and to embrace all that which lies behind & beyond, for to realize that there isn’t something that can be confronted, but set free. So I understood and laid my weapons and shields down for to unlearn what I’d learned before.

What hits me most, is the moment I was talking to Lujan directly via phone : a warm and light , buoyant voice came to my ears, humorous and exceedingly kind. For a moment I was really confused to perceive the personality behind this powerful presence we all can see through his writings: A Gentleman!

We intuitively recognized each other as friends that evening.

Andre G, Berlin, Germany

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