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If I had never met Lujan, the individual, and experienced what he has to offer the world, it would be difficult to imagine he existed beyond the pages of a book. Like the old Nagual Lujan, Juan Matus, or any one of the impeccable warriors from Castaneda’s books or from “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception”- his own book, Lujan has achieved a practice comparable in terms to a living myth.

Fortunately for us all, Lujan is real, and, with mythology intact, a teacher and adept practitioner of his art. No exaggeration either. His capacity to adapt himself to his circumstances and maintain a fluid position required me to immediately address elements of my own dysfunctional behavioral patterns, which Lujan was of course the channel for making me aware that he was aware of also.

The exercises of Tapping are powerfully invigorating and strengthening and the movements themselves integrate with the internal sensations that arise. For the first two sessions of Tapping I became physically ill due to a blockage around my solar plexus region. The blockage related to power issues associated with subtle aspects that were slumbering just below the surface of my normal awareness and had become socialized. The way in which energy rises in the body as a result of the Tapping is impossible to ignore. The practice itself has in only a short time delivered comprehensive boosts of energy that I would have been unable to anticipate beforehand.

Learning the advanced series of Dragon’s Tears movements, complete with mudras and gestures is absolutely essential for anyone who has learned the initial series.

Words are limited when it comes to relaying the full implications of the experiences of energetically interacting with Lujan Matus. Energetic results speak for themselves energetically. When it comes to what Lujan knows that he is responsible for, the student is in good hands. I would not hesitate to say to anyone who was interested in getting the best from themselves, go and see Lujan.

Andrew Perry, Melbourne, Australia

Hello everyone!

I’ve just returned from Bali where I went to learn the “Dragon’s Tears and Tapping”. I learned even more than I hoped for! I went there to have more understanding of my Kung Fu training and I wasn’t disappointed; the Dragon’s tears provide the keys to the energy aspect of Chinese martial arts, and the tapping, next to being a great workout, will clear your body from your personnel history ( this is not something you have to believe or assume; you will be able to feel it clearly! ) so you can have an “empty hand”.

Now I most admit that I’ve always been looking for a teacher who could teach me the things you only hear, read or see about, like John Chang:

And this, among other things that my character displayed that Lujan made me aware of, lead to the greatest lesson I learned: to be myself. ( Just like ‘Kung Fu Panda’, watch it; it’s a great animation! )

The very first night I already started struggling with myself and feelings I projected towards Lujan and tried to walk away from him. Lujan, aware of what I was doing, followed me and confronted me. ( he’s great with this; he sees right through you and knows your thoughts and feelings. ) He was spot on and because of me being so exposed I knew “resistance was futile’ and it was easier for me to let go of my behavior. Lujan also made it clear that my lessons would be according to how much I could let go of these behaviors: not because he would show me less, but I would be preoccupied and so wouldn’t be able to see it. My behaviors where tied to emotions and rules of society which I gave to much value.

Now Tapping also helps with letting this go by clearing your body from personnel history, but I think Lujan’s confronting is essential; by only doing the tapping you can perpetuate your behaviors, because you create the illusion far yourself that you can ‘remain’ unseen. ( in truth, as Lujan showed me, you’re never invisible, unless your empty. )
Because of this I’m not looking for a teacher anymore who can teach me some awesome tricks, because I can now let my own personnel power develop. If this should lead me to such a teacher anyway then I know that this is truly a teacher for me.

Now next these serious conversations, I was mostly laughing while being in Lujan’s company..; the tapping was much heavier than I thought and when I did it the first day, my personnel history that was rising up, got stuck around my hearth chakra which made me nauseous and feeling faint and I couldn’t really finish the session. When I saw Lujan later that day we were laughing about it .

Lujan also taught me some gazing techniques among which ‘The Gateway’, the one Michael wrote a testimonial about…, it really is something else to see that star that we were gazing at in the sky has disappeared as well.

I can’t think of any reason why anyone shouldn’t go.

Little brother.

Thomas, Netherlands


I got an e-mail from recommending me the book” The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception”, because I had purchased similar books in the past. I read the reviews of the book and purchased it immediately.

What got my attention in this book was the story with Nicholas. In the past I had also some lucid dreams and visions; but today I think everyday life situations are much more important in a spiritual path. How Lujan introduced this story was very promising for me.

So after reading the book, I decided to visit Lujan in Bali. Actually I found it always important to have mutual contact with teachers. By the way you can’t learn “Dragon’s Tears” reading a book. Learning “Dragon’s Tears” is an experience by itself, and this in beautiful Bali!

Lujan is a very powerful man in every aspect: physically and spiritually. While doing “Dragon’s Tears” with him I sensed that I was filled with energy. Lujan showed us how he could move our bodies from a distance by waving his hands at our back. We would rock back and forwards in time with his hands. I saw this while I watched him demonstrate on my wife.

We would visit Lujan in the evening after making a Bali tour all day long and being tired. But after working with Lujan on “Dragon’s Tears” we would be fit again and filled with energy, and could go out at night. This is not only “Dragon’s Tears”, but Lujan’s attitude also! His great laughter would make us feel all happy. I think in the spiritual path friendship is most important and you can find this friendship by Lujan.

That’s why I advise you to visit Lujan and to know him. You will have another good friend on the planet!

Umur Erim, İstanbul, Turkey

Early this year I went to a dragon’s tears workshop and felt the need to write about my experiences. What I came away with I would consider pure sorcery. I’ve had many unusual experiences in my life and seen many things but nothing that defies description as what I experienced with Lujan.

There are movements in dragon’s tears that Lujan called gestures or mudras. These movements open channels that allow you to connect with the energy lines of the world but the lines are actually connected to the hands and the particular movement.

What I don’t understand is how it is changing me but I am definitely changing. All I can say is that this is very magical but personal.

One night I woke up falling into an abyss. And it reminded me of the feeling I had when I was watching Lujan demonstrate the Dragon’s Tears.

An emptiness enters the room but at the same time the room felt electric, like there was a soft buzzing in the air. He seems to be a very quiet man yet the pressure that my body feels around him is quite often unbearable. Many other people in the group said they felt the same thing. Like there is something that is watching us through him but at the same time it is teaching us to watch ourselves.

I feel like I have learned so much about myself and grown on my journey. The movements are very powerful but what is most amazing is how much more silence and awareness I am experiencing in my daily life. I feel like I am on the threshold of discovering hidden secrets about myself and the world.

Jessie, UK

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