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If you seek change in your life, I highly recommend going to see the Nagual Lujan Matus in Bali. This is what I did.

First I will say that upon meeting Lujan, I was struck by his strong affectionate nature and openness. I also recognized his leadership qualities and sense of responsibility towards my visit.

It is not easy to convey in words what my encounters with him were like. On one hand, he was able to touch my heart very deeply and fill me with extreme hope and comfort; I felt truly accepted for who I was in his presence. On the other hand, he relentlessly confronted false parts of me that were keeping me in captivity through repetition and unwillingness to release. He helped me to dig deeper than ever before to uncover secret aspects within. Sometimes what surfaced referred to empowering aspects that needed further cultivation, other times what became apparent were things that were holding me back from expressing my personal power.

While in his presence, there were indications from spirit, also known as omens that pointed out matters of significance. The memories of these occurrences have become “symbolic lessons” to be assimilated into awareness to enhance my understanding of how to proceed in dreaming myself forward.

Lujan used massage techniques to bring forth physical strength and healing. He also taught me gazing techniques that had a profound effect. The techniques produced altered states of awareness and greatly increased my inner silence. I look forward to implementing these techniques here at home, as their beneficial qualities are extreme.

He was truly of service to me and gave me his all as he said he would do.

All else I can say is that I simply love Lujan with my being. I really, really enjoyed his company. His heart is very giving, his power is very strong, his mind empty. Go see him, he will help you to reclaim your power.

Tiffany, China

Dear Lujan,

My Teacher and Friend,

I picked up Lujan’s book about a year ago, after reading it I decided to do a few months of phone sessions over Skype. Going into my sessions I was filled with questions that after I found answers I believed would help me progress. But I was mistaken. Lujan automatically noted that answers will not bring growth until I dealt with issues from my past that were keeping me fixed. These phone sessions turned into something I was not expecting them to be, and made me confront myself which took a lot of effort and understanding.

A few months later I ended up on the other side of the world. Alone. In Bali. I definitely was excited but remember thinking what am I doing here, and what am I going to get out of this. I did the Shamanic Healing with Lujan and I can’t even begin to describe my achievements, and even if I wrote down every experience and all the knowledge I took from it, it wouldn’t make a difference to you, because these were experiences were mine. I can say I gained a life experience, priceless knowledge and faultless groundwork to help me unravel and am grateful for having Lujan teach me.

Lujan has not only a comprehensive knowledge and generosity to give but also endless encouragement for us, his students that embed vital teachings. I felt so content, Lujan truly was so humble, caring, loving and comical that I did not want my time with him to end. The techniques I learnt were specified towards me, I was able to acquire, obtain and practice. I experienced an effortless but profound ecstasy of Being when I let go of indications and became. Have faith in yourself, because you too are capable to learn here and beyond.

I linger to work with you again,

All my love and gratitude,

Patrycja, Canada


I did not go to see Lujan to get healed in the sense that you go to see an osteo or chiropractor, but indeed Lujan did fix a physical problem that had previously been with me for a very long time (20 years?).

I had a painful lump on the muscle at the back of my neck. It had been there for years and I saw a masseur regularly to relieve the tension and headaches that emanated from this area.

In a short treatment, and I mean short, 2 minutes, the lump disappeared and he said to me’ Geoff, where’s your lump?”

The lump’s gone! It’s amazing. After all these years it’s just gone! My neck feels a great deal better.

I would absolutely recommend a visit to Lujan to anyone who wants to change and improve their lives both physically and spiritually.

Geoff, Victoria, Australia

Crossing into the new year of 2008 I went to Beautiful Ubud in Bali for the Shamanic healing program with Lujan.

At first nervous, being the first time coming to Indonesia and by myself, all uncertainty dissolved at once in Lujan’s warm and engaging presence, and I have come away feeling both peaceful and invigorated at the same time.

Each day I would meet Lujan in the early afternoon and he would give me a massage that would create the tingling sensation of waves of energy washing over my body, and in the afternoons and evenings, Lujan would share different meditation and gazing techniques.

Throughout the sessions I would laugh and talk with Lujan, he would share his understanding, and would help me to release any emotions that were surfacing as a result of the practices, he helped me to release a large amount of guilt that I was chaining myself down with, which has left me feeling that a part of myself has been freed.

In between sessions I would explore the town, or relax in the tropical heat which seemed to soak through me just as the meditation and gazing would, leaving me feeling relaxed and satisfied, the food at Made’s is absolutely wonderful.

Lujan is fluid and loving, taking the role of whatever is most appropriate at any moment, and he would adapt the techniques he would show me according to what was most effective at the time.

The resulting effects are hard to define, on arriving back in Australia I found myself suddenly crying as I drove back home from the airport about how beautiful life is, I feel much clearer than before, open, and I find myself falling out of bad habits without realizing it.

If anyone has the opportunity to go to Bali and meet with Lujan and learn from him, then I would say go, life is so short, create your opportunity, and you will not regret it.

Thank you Lujan.

Luke, Canberra, Australia

Hello everyone,

Over the past three weeks I have been training with Lujan learning Tapping. I have some difficulty in writing about this because it has already become a very personal affair, but I wish to share some of my experience to give an idea of what it is all about to anyone who is interested.

I will say here that it is a lifetime practice. Once you understand what it is for there is no turning back.

In Tapping you are forced to face yourself every morning. It is a set of very demanding physical exercises which go deeply into your muscles, especially the legs, stirring up any emotions which are stored there, bringing them to the surface. What you do with these is up to you.

For me, within a few days I had some major upheaval, a lot of stored anger came up. The Tapping brought out and magnified this anger which I had been strongly identifying with to the degree that I was on the verge of exploding for a few hours after the practice. There came a point where I had to question it. Is this necessary? At this point I realised that I could turn it on and off. It was quite funny. I could go from a genuinely violent shaking rage to being completely placid in one second. After this realisation the anger kind of just disappeared. I also experienced severe pain in my throat for the first few sessions, which was related to my inability to communicate, and as the days went on, as I opened up more and more the pain lessened and lessened. .Having to face it everyday puts you in the position where you either deal with it or you continue to experience pain. This is what it is all about, pushing yourself to the brink of what you can handle physically and emotionally, to the point where anything unnecessary manifests very obviously.

The benefits you receive from the practice are proportionate to how willing you are to face yourself. The practice will open you up and empty you out. The feeling that I have after practicing is that every cell in my body is activated, vibrating and alive, and I am experiencing a calmness which I have never possessed before. Magical things will occur, but they are no more important than anything else. The practice is a never ending process, an endless challenge.

I cannot thank Lujan enough for sharing with me a gift that will be with me for the rest of my life. To anyone is a sincere seeker this may be the most valuable tool you will ever find and it will make you realise how many other systems just do not work as effectively. Within two weeks of practicing Tapping I was experiencing a rising of energy from the ground, through my root chakra, through each higher chakra to my crown, which I felt as a tangible sensation of tingling heat which had nothing to do with imagining it. I could feel a line of energy passing through the centre of my body.

Another thing I will mention that Lujan showed me was the “silk veil technique” which dramatically increased my awareness of the energy surrounding my body in the air around me.

Callum Mclean, New Zealand


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