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Lujan – THANK YOU.

It’s really weird how we work as human beings. I remember reading Nicholas’ experience in ‘The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception’ saying I never wanted to be in his position, maybe I knew then I would be, or I was. I thought for the first time in my life I was taking responsibility for who I was but I wasn’t really taking responsibility for anything.

You are such a master, I laugh and laugh when I think about your artistry. You are clearing people’s burdens, healing the world, one person at a time. I think the world of you and i will never in my life be able to Thank You enough for the beautiful things you have done for me.

You are truly the most wonderful person I have ever known and the only way I can express my gratitude is love. I truly feel pure love for you and would do anything for you. That is what I feel right now. The purest feelings of
respect and admiration.


Greetings all my name is Charles Daniel Sherman IV and this is a message to those whom seek inner truth. I undertook 12 sessions with Lujan Matus.

After reading his book I felt the need to clarify my findings, between his work, my personal findings and other works concerning Toltec knowledge.

Very shortly into our first session Lujan laughed in a way I didn’t know was possible. All my doubts were erased and I knew he was whom I had hoped he was. I was a very closed person during our sessions.

I unconsciously was keeping secrets about quite a few things; he was somehow able to detect these things which I was not even aware of myself. He gave me tasks during our sessions which I didn’t end up doing, and so he adapted to me quite rapidly and gave me task’s which seemed tailored to me.

Lujan brought quite a bit of insight into my life and he did it in such an open way so that the proposed information was left to evolve any which way my path would take me.

I would highly recommend taking his sessions to just about anyone. I can’t imagine Lujan not having a highly beneficial affect on those who are willing to open their minds and their hearts.

With love and wishes of purity,

Daniel IV, USA.

When I read “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception” I realized immediately something transformative was occurring in my awareness.

I had read Castaneda’s books and, like everyone else, felt the pang of disappointment when he died and the accusations of fictionalization began surfacing. Yet I reread them because something in them resonated with what I knew deep inside to be an essential truth. Call it an internal sensitivity: I know it’s there when I read or write it.

“Just what is a Nagual?” Is it a unique energy body configuration, as Castaneda implied? Or is it a title, like “Teacher” passed down through tradition, as others claimed? I concluded that the title of Nagual had to be bestowed directly by energy, the spirit itself. My reasoning was that, genuine or fraud, it would take an enormous amount of self-awareness just to sustain such an appellation; which meant there was the possibility I could learn something from Lujan either way.

What did I have to lose, I reasoned? My own personal life was in turmoil. I decided I had to find out for myself.

My first impression of Lujan Matus was his laughter. The freedom it conveyed brought a sense of hope to me. And his first question, “How can we help each other?” made me realize that I wasn’t going to be spoon-fed answers in response to my childish wants. Not that I didn’t try. I whined and cried, he yelled and mocked me, we laughed and laughed. Over a period of time I came to love him as a man who walks his talk. The message I took with me is that it is possible to live within one’s truth, continuously.

One thing that struck me was his directness. I am still digesting some of his written works. Our conversations, on the other hand, were immediate and to-the-point. Sometimes I questioned how the man I was talking to could possibly be the same one who authored such a powerful book. It felt more like I was confiding in my best friend; sharing viewpoints that were often humorous, sometimes sympathetic, always frank. It wasn’t that he was mirroring me; it was simply a facility for creating a bridge between our mutual understandings of what constitutes communication.

His advice (when I took it) was usually quite insightful. Once I accused him of studying psychotherapy: he just laughed and thanked me. But sometimes he was like that. He would lead me through my line of reasoning until I myself uncovered the inconsistencies. Then he’d confide that he knew he’d gotten through to me because he felt goosebumps and his gecko was agreeing with him. Then upon the insights spoken I myself heard the gecko’s agreement. That’s when I realized I was dealing with a powerful shaman, not a mere counselor.

I cannot separate the elements of my growth as coming from either Lujan’s or my own efforts. But a definite realignment has occurred that is still in the process of becoming real, I can say I do feel more confident and less attached to my old dramas of identity. And I find myself more giving than before… not out of expectation, but out of love. I like to believe Lujan played a part in this realignment, and hope that he gained something from knowing me as well.

Alexander Plonka, Virgina, USA

Dear Reader,

A year or so ago I came across the Parallel Perception website and was intrigued by the excerpts from Lujan’s book “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception”. I immediately went out and purchased the book.

I found the book challenged me and reflected back to me what I am and what I could possibly be. I explored the forum in detail and inquired about private lessons with Lujan. After a short email exchange, I committed to 12 sessions. I was a little nervous during the first session but Lujan’s warm and engaging presence made me feel like I had known him for years. I can still hear his joyful laugh.

It is hard to believe that someone thousands of miles away whom you have never met can zero in on those areas that need attention. Somehow, Lujan does it very well. Over the course of the 12 weeks, I can honestly say that the things that I put into practice on the advice of Lujan have increased my personal power.

Some of what I learned seems so simple but I think then in lies its power. For example, staying within your integrity and understanding your agreements. Other slightly more complex lessons revolved around the intricacies of sexual attention. These practices have begun a change in me that is both positive and growing.

Like everything else in life, we must take responsibility for our own journey. A guide like Lujan can point the way but we must take action. Someone a long time ago said ‘as you sow so shall you reap’. I think that applies here. Lujan will provide the seeds and if we sow those seeds, we will reap the fruits of personal power.

I can whole-heartily recommend private lessons with Lujan.

May joy and peace surround you.

Thank you Lujan.

Brian Savage

The time I spend with Lujan learning Dragon’s Tears and Tapping was extremely intense and I think saying that what I came away with is very valuable is an understatement.

The first week involved learning Dragon’s Tears. I started out a bit slow and am not sure how I got everything in one week…I mentioned to Lujan that I think he must’ve been doing something that I didn’t perceive so that I caught up.

I haven’t been able to figure this one out yet as well…but the first time I met Lujan and probably 95% of the time I’ve seen him after he is a few inches taller than me. But the other times he’s either been smaller than me or the same size as me (and I went through the usual suspicions such as checking the ground, etc. with no luck!)

In the second week, I found the Tapping practice on a whole another level than what I had been used to physically. To put it lightly…almost anything involving legs for the first week wasn’t my forte but I improved a bit by the end of the week, and at times I was pretty much watching in awe what Lujan was capable of doing.

Also, I recall there were a few times where I seemed to have “leaked” out of my body. One such instance happened when I was next to Lujan and we were just finishing with the morning session for the day. It’s hard to explain but I felt like I was being unavoidably drawn towards him. Not really knowing what was happening I started to panic a bit…and I think I was trying to pinch myself to “get back into” my body.

I was relieved afterwards when Lujan brought this up and mentioned that he has a very strong magnetic field and I was drawn to this. I additionally found that coincidental or synchronistic experiences increased during these 2 weeks I was in Bali and for some time after returning home: I had experiences of dreaming of someone and meeting that person, thinking something and then have someone come to me with an answer, and needing something and having it seemingly
just pop-up out of the blue.

In practicing on my own, I fairly quickly came up against or was confronted with what’s been holding me back (and it wasn’t what I expected). I’m not sure if it was that I didn’t have the capability to
deal with it, or didn’t want to deal with it, or just forgot about it for some time but then I was brought back to it…and the process afterwards has been interesting, although I’m at a bit of a loss to
describe what is happening.

Also, this was very interesting to me but a number of times in the past I’ve encountered beings in my dreams who I viewed as antagonistic (now, I realize or was told they are mostly playful), but before this realization I would always try to struggle when seeing them. The only success I’ve had with keeping them away in a dream has been with Dragon’s Tears, which they tried to stop me from doing after the first time that it worked so well, :) but after I decided to or became able to not fear them it wasn’t necessary to struggle with them anymore.

The physical effects of the practices were very immediate too: on the day I left from Bali I had to wear a belt for pants that I had thought fit pretty well before and shirts that were previously too big now fit decently well.


New Jersey, USA

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