Walking the Tao – Consciously Manifesting Ling Kong Jing


Void Power

Walking the Tao is an ancient powerful set of movements that invoke the mysterious presence of anti-matter to be perceived. We are now upon a very unusual precipice. We as a humanity are being confronted with levels of communion that now we need to comprehend. Humanity is on the verge of awakening and it is time for this precious movement series to be released.

Other than the obvious manifestation of physical anomalies occurring, such as telekinetic phenomena, the true essence of Ling Kong Jing  – or void power – is to open an ancient primordial portal to  antimatter.

Our manifest universe can be described as a yang chi anomaly and only attributes ten to fifteen percent of reality. Behind this third dimensional matrix is a dense expansive world that can be accessed via the seer through specific movements. This movement series will allow the warrior to access holographic rotational imagery via the opening of the crown chakra in combination with the lower dantien to this  amazing aspect of the universe that we are ultimately surrounded by but cannot access via our perceptual fixations.


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